When I visited and demonstrated at Perfetti van Melle/Chupa Chups in Lainate near Milan the following happened.

The first day I was at the company´s offices there was apparently a wild panic in the upper circles because I had found them. After a few hours the police came and the wanted to know what I was doing (ordered by Perfetti van Melle/Chupa Chups). They took me to the police station where theytried to confiscate my sign and leaflets in which they did not succeed. After intervention with the Consulate General in Milan who in Italian could tell that I only used my richts according the EU human rights. The Italian police (and surely many other) apparently de not know what Italy has signed in the EU. Hereafter, I could go. They were not willing to drive me back where they fetched me and they were not even willing to call a taxi. They were not very freindly, but perhaps the police must not be freindly.
Day two started the same way. After a few hours, after they perhaps have scrutinized law books, the police came again and drove me to the station. Besides offering me a cup of coffee, they were not friendly at all. Now they had a notice from Perfetti vam Melle/Chupa Chups for libels. Apparently they were only willing to hear what the company wanted. Now they confiscated my sign. This step I claimed before a judge (Consulate General once again), but no, this was out of questin.(here they do not know the rules either), or perhaps it was because they had to pay for both an interpreter and a lawyer, However, I had a lawyer, if there will be lawsuit, but not an interpreter and then it leads to nowhere. With regard to a lawsuit, I pointed out to them that this had to be made at my home address. Also, this day they would not drive me or call a taxi.
For day three, I had to make a new sign and went to my place again. Nothing happed other than the local police drove by four times without saying anything other than asking for a leaflet. Understand whoever can.
Day four (and all other days) the gentlemen schowed surly face when they went to work. Some of the strict police made a feeble attempt to make me a least go a little away from the main entrance, but when I refused to do so, they drove off again and nothing happend.
I wonder whether companies in Italy (and Spain) buy help from the police when they want to protect their bad reputation.

When do so big companies understand that they also have to pay their creditors. It would improve Chupa Chups´image if they would pay the 140.000,- EURO plus interests they owe the Danish compagny.
Hereafter Perfetti van Melle/Chupa Chups with help from the court in Milan tries to put EU´s human rihts out of sevice.

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