Svend Aage Bek, the stubborn and fighting Dane has done it again:

Tuesday 23/5 SAB arrived at the Chupa Chups headquarters at 8:00 in the morning.

Around 9:00 a person appeared.

The depicted detective Enrique Valero López from Barcelona hired by Chupa Chups,

he had the same aspect (in the best gangster style) and manner as the two detectives that tried to get SAB angry at the ISM Fair in Cologne – SAB did not understand what was said to him apart from the word Chupa Chups.

Apparently he tried to scare SAB away from where he was standing. As SAB did not understand a word, he tried to take a picture of the man. The man protested by holding his hand towards SAB and the camera. Then suddenly without having touched the man, the man flung himself to the ground and played the wounded soldier.

The acting was terrible and luckily SAB has a witness to the strange encounter. While SAB is talking to the witness, the badly wounded man gets on his feet and hauls a taxi.

After approximately 8 hours, examination at the criminal police in Cornellá and a very long treatment time by the court in Cornellá the verdict was passed within calling me. That is how they make trials in Spain. As expected, I was acquitted of all charges.

Now the management of Chupa Chups will have to understand that they cannot use their mediocre lawyers for anything at all.

Perhaps this is also the reason why they have passed on the matter to other mediocre colleagues at the parent company Perfetti van Melle in Milan.

It does not look as if EU’s rules of freedom of speech are accepted (yet) in Southern Europe.

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