Chupa Chups have still – after more than 10 years – refused to pay their debt to a small Danish supplyer. For the same reason, I will keep showing my protest against their lack of ethics.

During my latest demonstration in front of the ISM candy fair in Cologne 2013, the German lawyer of Perfetti, Dirk Strohe, tried to get the police to ban my demonstration on public streets.

Sunday morning at 9,30 am. First there were 2 police officers together with Dirk Strohe and then another 2 police offiercers joined. The 4 police officers were all very upset and threatened me with arrest and penalties. But I kept holding on to my rights to demonstrate on public streets and they had to withdraw without any success to silence me. I truly perceived the behaviour from the police officers and lawyer Dirk Strohe as abuse and, to a certain extend, as psycological terror trying to bully me to silence.

Monday morning, lawyer Dirk Strohe tried again, this time with the assistance from the Cologne court (Landdesgericht Køln), who also threatened with arrest, penalty and jail. Again, all of them had to retreat with no luck. All in all, these were pretty bad days for Chupa Chups & Perfetti van Melle and their lawyer Dirk Strohe.

Hail the freedom of speech.

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Peter Bek said, februar 5th, 2013 at 13:38

This looks more and more like a farce.. with Chupa Chups being the foolish ones.

sara said, januar 14th, 2014 at 19:09


Interesting blog! I’m a student at Glasgow university writing an essay on Chupa Chups and was just wondering,

how many different locations have you been to protesting? How many countries?

Are there any other reasons than the debt why you protest against Chupa Chups?



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