The judge has spoken!
The verdict has been announced!
Long live freedom of speech!

As expected, Chupa Chups / Perfetti van Melle along with their Danish lawyer, Peter Trusø have AGAIN lost a lawsuit set against me. It is their 6th defeat in an endless fight to keep my mouth shut about their inappropriate business ethics.

I was AGAIN completly acquitted of all charges and Chupa Chups shall pay 25,000 DKK in court fees.

I wonder when (or if) they will ever realise that we have freedom of speech in Europe or at least in Denmark. Why is it, that big companies believe they can silence the free oppinion just because they have a lot of money to take people, like me, to court? Use your money to pay your bills – end of story.

If Chupa Chups keep persisting, that there was no agreement between Spacerocket and Chupa Chups, why don’t they trial this issue in a Danish court room? Surely they don’t have the courage.

My fight for justice will continue – we will meet again on the streets in Cologne on the ISM in January.

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Chambo Phiri said, november 12th, 2012 at 21:17

It is a disgrace that a big company like Chupa Chups / Perfetti van Melle will not pay what they owe Svend Aage Bek. It makes one wonder how genuine their business ethics are and how safe their prodcts are…

Peter Bek said, november 19th, 2012 at 16:45

I wonder who at Chupa Chups got the “fantastic” idea to pay loads of money to lawyers, private detective etc, and – on top of that – getting a very bad reputation. Paying the debt would have been easier and cheaper for Chupa Chups. Now they have just entered a route of bad decissions, but it is never too late to make it right.

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